Finding a Sponsor

Note: You may speak to any participating dealership at any time about the Diesel Technology – Komatsu program. You are accepted into the program only after official acceptance occurs, after all assessments, applications and dealer sponsorship forms have been approved by the North Dakota State College of Science.

• Komatsu dealerships are independent businesses.
• They are not employees of Komatsu.
• When looking for a sponsor, you are looking for a CAREER – act and dress accordingly.
• North Dakota State College of Science and the Diesel Technology – Komatsu Coordinator will provide assistance and guidance and identify interested dealerships.
• We do not assign you a dealership.
• As a Diesel Technology – Komatsu student you will be an employee and a student, although the two should never conflict.
• Some dealerships may choose not to participate.
• The dealership may choose to formally interview you as a candidate for the Diesel Technology – Komatsu program.
• Be prepared:
   – Be neat and clean in appearance.
   – Be confident of your goals and skills.
   – Complete your part of the application as neatly as possible before the interview.
• Your first priority should be convincing the dealer that you will make a good employee.
• You may speak to the dealer (owner), general manager or service manager.
• If you are not sure whom to see, ask for the dealer first, then the service manager.

If you are sure that you want to be in the Diesel Technology – Komatsu program, be confident and get busy right now. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempt doesn’t land you a sponsor!