Student Responsibilities

The Diesel Technology – Komatsu Program is a partnership between the North Dakota State College of Science, participating Komatsu dealerships and participating students. Each has the following responsibilities in this partnership:


  • Demonstrate high school graduate or equivalent.
  • Apply for admission to NDSCS.
  • Obtain and maintain a Komatsu dealership sponsor.
  • Complete entrance tests (ACT and DAT) and personal interview as required by the program coordinator.
  • Maintain NDSCS academic standards and adhere to academic policies.
  • Wear Komatsu dealer uniforms and safety glasses while on campus and during supervised occupational work experiences at the sponsoring dealership.
  • Participate in all learning activities and experiences at the scheduled times.
  • Provide the sponsoring dealership with responsible and productive employment.
  • Pay for program costs – tuition, fees, books and tools.



  • Encourage distributor cooperation and support.
  • Assist in locating and selecting Komatsu faculty.
  • Provide Komatsu training for faculty.
  • Furnish NDSCS with Komatsu equipment and components.
  • Provide NDSCS with essential training materials, including audio visuals, student booklets, instructor guides, shop manuals, necessary mock-ups, simulators, software, etc.
  • Monitor curriculum to assure success.
  • Provide $300 per semester scholarship to distributorselected students.
  • Provide $600 tool reimbursement to NDSCS for each distributor-sponsored student.