Heavy Equipment Parts Person

Heavy Equipment Parts Person Certification

Why It All Started

PP Cert thumbWe started the Certified Heavy Equipment Parts Person Apprentice Program to fill the need for industry-trained, qualified parts people at our dealership locations. This is a highly-skilled career path, where on-the-job experience has traditionally been the method to acquire these skills. We are changing that

In the Upper Midwest, there is no longer a post-secondary educational venue to teach the Parts Persons skills from Inventory Control, Cataloging and Parts Lookup, Warehousing, Sales History or Demand, and Parts Obsolesces. We believe that both education and real-life experience set people up for greater success. Thus, the launch of our program.

The Goal

The goal of this program is to use a combination of On-the-Job Training (OJT), coupled with mentoring under the guidance of experienced Parts People, and Related Instruction (RI) through correspondence courses (self-study) through ApprenticeshipND, seminars, factory trainings and other venues determined by the company. Classes will focus on various skills needed for the typical Heavy Equipment Parts Person. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the Apprentice will receive the Heavy Equipment Parts Person Certification from the Department of Labor.

The Logistics

  • High School Graduate or GED is required. Military or civilian industry experience would be a benefit, but not required.
  • Industry experience is also a bonus and will be reviewed to determine how applicable experience can translate into study credit in this program.
  • The program will be 24-36 months for completion with the understanding that classroom scheduling may cause potential conflicts that require more time to complete.
  • Total Apprenticeship is 4,000 hours of combined OJT, supplemented by 288 hours of Related Instruction.
  • Starting pay to be within the Apprentice Pay Scale based on experience.


The Curriculum

  • Please refer to the Work Process Schedule section for full classroom details.
  • Related Instruction will comprise of correspondence courses (self-study), seminars, factory trainings, and more.


Apprentice are eligible for company benefits package.

Apprentices will be paired with experienced General Equipment & Supplies employees and supervisors who have at least 2 years of experience in the given field in which they are mentoring.

Work Process Schedule

The Heavy Equipment Parts Person Certification Apprenticeship Program is divided into four areas of study. Each element of study provides OJT experiences coupled with related instruction through correspondence courses, seminars, factory trainings, and other training events. Once completed, the apprentice will have the confidence to work into any area of the Parts Department operations.

The Apprentice will need to complete 4,000 hours of combined OJT and 288 hours of Related Instruction over a 2-year time-frame. A brief overview of the breakdown of OJT and RI are outlined below. Accommodations will be made to alternate between OJT and RI.

  • Industry Specific Knowledge
    • Introduction to business software
    • Introduction to parts-specific software
    • Manufacturer-specific look-up and ordering software
    • Understanding printed and online reference material
    • Introduction to our products and terminology
    • Total OJT training activity = 1,000 hours
  • Inventory Control
    • Analysis of market to set inventory guidelines
    • Analyze inventory on hand
    • Analyze current inventory histories
    • Bin trip activity and analysis
    • Ordering and Receiving Inventory
    • Total OJT training activity = 1,000 hours
  • Warehousing
    • Shipping and receiving of inventory items
    • Cataloging inventory and determining storage locations
    • Tracking system analysis
    • Forklift operation and safety
    • Logistical issues with weights and dimensions of products
    • Total OJT training activity = 1,000 hours
  • Customer Relations
    • Customer Service Training
    • Parts Counterperson coverage
    • Parts service skills phone coverage
    • Parts look-up via computer and printed material
    • Marketing of inventory
    • Inventory display and program marketing emphasis
    • Total OJT training activity = 1,000 hours
  • Related Instruction (288 hours over the 2-year period; 144 hours per year):
    • Correspondence Courses include:
    • Safety and Health (SA-HT)
    • Industrial Rigging (IR-PP)
    • Practing Math (MA-TH)
    • Mobile Heavy Equipment (HE-HE)
    • Diesel Technology (HE-DT)
    • Other Related Instruction Training will include, but not limited to:
    • OSHA Certification
    • Customer Service
    • Accounting Basics
    • Technical Writing
    • Sales/Marketing/Advertising
    • Personal Communications
    • Computer Training - Microsoft Excel, Word, Business System Training
    • Factory Trainings as determined by the company

Total Apprenticeship Program = 4,000 hours