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EXCEL spare parts for Omnicone Cone CrusherEXCEL™ Omnicone Cone Crusher parts designed with durability in mind​

EXCEL™ replacement parts for Omnicone Cone Crushers provide better durability, performance and ease of use. Utilized worldwide, these parts offer users better investments with less time and money spent on repairs, and more going towards what matters most, mining.​ ​

Key Benefits​

  • Ease of use
    EXCEL™ spare parts for are rigorously examined before shipping and tested to ensure they meet the highest level of quality standards​
  • Improved durability and lower costs
    EXCEL replacements parts are built to last, reducing downtime, maintenance and repair costs.​
  • Enhanced performance​
    Don’t just replace a broken part, improve it. Our parts ensure better, more efficient performance, keeping your business going strong.​


EXCEL spare parts – extend equipment operational life​

With a range of options customised for the Omnicone Cone Crushers, we offer users a smooth transition to updated spare parts. These provide better durability and increased performance while retaining ease of use. Optimise your Omnicone cone crusher with high quality spare parts keeping your machines running faster and longer.​

Take your equipment to the next level, with EXCEL™ High Performance Spare Parts.​

We provide spare parts for Omnicone Cone Crusher models including the following:

  • 937™​
  • 1144™​
  • 1352™​
  • 1560™ ​

We provide the following spare parts for Omnicone Cone Crushers:​

  • Adjustment cap and ring​
  • Arm guard​
  • Clamp ring​
  • Clamping cylinder​
  • Countershaft, countershaft box bushing and pinion​
  • Counterweight guard & cover​
  • Dust seal​
  • Eccentric, eccentric bushing and gear​
  • Feed hopper and plate​ ​
  • Head and head ball​
  • Locking nut​
  • Lower head bushing​
  • Main frame, main frame bushing, liner and pin​
  • Main shaft​
  • Socket and socket liner​
  • T-seal​
  • Thrust bearing and washer​
  • Tramp release cylinder​
  • U-seal​


Feed Plate Options

  • Improved fit​ Excess clearance can result in feed plates working themselves free during operation, potentially causing serious damage to the crusher. To avoid this safety concern, our design features zinc-plated, oversize (1”) bolts and minimal clearances. This holds the feed plate tight and close.​
  • Work hardening​ To offer long wear life, our deadbed feed plates are made of manganese steel and work-harden during use.​
  • Better feed distribution:​ To promote better feed distribution, our domed feed plate clears the feed opening. It also reduces bridging and wedging of larger material between the feed plate and hopper or throat of bowl liner. These feed plates will accept hard surfacing with minimal risk of cracking or other damage because they are made of medium carbon steel.​​
  • Countershaft box guard:​ EXCEL has developed an improved design at a low cost. We extended the conventional model an extra ​ 4 inches toward the flywheel providing over 40% more surface protection without any modifications ​ to the crusher. Our extended countershaft box guard minimises damages from product passing over the countershaft box at an affordable cost.​ ​ ​