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Sandvik® Hydrocone™ and Superior™ Crushers

EXCEL Spare parts for Sandvik Cone CrushersOptimized spare parts for Sandvik® Hydrocone and Superior™ Crushers

Don’t just repair your equipment, improve your machines with EXCEL™ spare parts for Sandvik®, Hydrocone and Superior™ Crushers. These replacements offer higher quality to ensure improved durability and performance, ensuring your machines run better for longer.

Key Benefits

  • Lower costs​
    EXCEL™ spare parts for Sandvik Hydrocone and Superior Crusher parts, which are widely used in the business because of the competitive rates.
  • Enhanced durability & productivity:
    Decrease machine downtime with the crusher replacements, which are designed and built to outlast OEM parts.
  • Improved performance:
    To best optimise your operation, you need optimal machines. Our spare parts for crushers provide better performance.


We offer cost effective Sandvik Hydrocone and Superior parts​

Maintenance down time eats away at your throughput, and replacement components can be a significant investment — especially when they don’t last very long. Our solution for you, install EXCEL High Performance Spare Parts for Sandvik, Hydrocone and Superior Crushers.

Improve performance and high quality spare parts keep your machines running faster and longer.​ Take your equipment to the next level, with EXCEL™ High Performance Spare Parts.

We provide spare parts for Sandvik®, Hydrocone™ ​ and Superior™ crushers including the following:​

  • S2000™
  • S3000™
  • S4000™
  • S6000™ ​
  • S3800™ ​
  • S4800™ ​
  • S6800™ ​
  • CS420™ ​
  • CS430™
  • CS440™
  • CS660™​
  • H2000™
  • H3000™​
  • H4000™
  • H6000™
  • H8000™​
  • H2800™​
  • H3800™​
  • H4800™​
  • H6800™​
  • H7800™​
  • H8800™​
  • CH420™ ​
  • CH430™ ​
  • CH440™ ​
  • CH660™ ​
  • CH870™​
  • CH880™ ​
  • CH890™​
  • CH895™​


  • Arm shield​
  • Bottom shell​
  • Bottom shell arm liner ​ and bushing​
  • Burning ring​
  • Chevron packing​
  • Concave support ring​
  • Counterweight​
  • Dust collar​
  • Dust seal retainer and ring​
  • Eccentric​
  • Eccentric bushing and gear​
  • Head center​
  • Head nut with burning ring​
  • Hydroset™ cylinder​
  • Hydroset™ cylinder bushing​ and cover​ Inner head nut
  • Main shaft​
  • Main shaft sleeve and step plate​
  • Oil seal​
  • Pinion​
  • Pinion end bearing​
  • Pinionshaft​
  • Pinionshaft housing​
  • Piston​
  • Piston wearing plate​
  • Scraper​
  • Seal plate sheave end​
  • Sheave end bearing​
  • Spider bushing and cap​
  • Splash ring​
  • Step washer​
  • Top shell