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Symons® and Gyradisc® Compression Crushers

EXCEL Spare parts for Symons Cone CrushersDurability and affordability, backed by exceptional customer support​

EXCEL™ Spare Parts for Symons and Gyradisc crushers are designed to not only get your equipment back up and running, but to also improve your business.​

EXCEL™ highly durable parts last longer, cut down on maintenance time and improve throughput. And because they’re backed by exceptional customer service, you’ll always have the right resources to ​ ensure the best parts solutions for your crushers.​

Key Benefits

  • High Quality​ EXCEL™ spare parts for are rigorously examined before shipping and tested to ensure they meet the highest level of quality standards.​
  • Improved performance and durability We’ve have spare part solutions to improve you performance and enhance durability and performance.​
  • Cost effective solutions​ Maintenance and down time is reduced with our EXCEL High performance spare parts, they last longer and are safe and easy to install.​


We offer cost effective solutions for Symons® and Gyradisc® crushers​

Designed by industry experts, our compression crusher spare parts product offering gives you a full selection of replacement options and solutions to reduce your costs and improve efficiency.​ Improve performance and high quality spare parts keep your machines running faster and longer.

Take your equipment to the next level, with EXCEL™ High Performance Spare Parts.​

We provide spare parts for many Symons and Gyradisc® models including the following:​

  • 2FT​
  • 3FT​
  • 4FT​
  • 4800™ ​
  • 4-1/2FT​
  • 5100™ ​
  • 5-1/2FT​
  • 7FT​
  • Standard​
  • Short Head​
  • 36”​
  • 48”​
  • 54”​
  • 66”​
  • 84”​


  • Adjustment ring​
  • Arm guard​
  • Bowl​
  • Countershaft​
  • Countershaft box, bushing and pinion​
  • Eccentric and eccentric gear​
  • Feed distributor and plate​
  • Head and head wiper ring​
  • Hydraulic locking post​
  • Inner eccentric bushings​
  • Inner main frame seat liners​
  • Locking collar, nut and nut cover​
  • Main shaft​ ​
  • Main shaft nut and sleeve​
  • Oil flinger and oil flinger housing​
  • Outer eccentric bushings​
  • Outer main frame seat liners​
  • Socket​
  • Socket liner and sealing ring​
  • Spring​
  • Step plates​
  • Thrust washer​
  • Torch ring​​


Our experts know crusher technology inside and out. Here are some of our innovations that help make these crushers even better.​

Sentinel™ Hydraulic Crusher ​ clearing system​

Reduce downtime and improve the flexibility, capacity and safety of your Symons crusher with the Sentinel hydraulic crusher clearing and tramp release system, exclusively from EXCEL

Product highlights​

  • Simplifies crusher cavity clearing​
  • Drastically reduces costly downtime​
  • Reduces “ring-bounce” and cuts down on related maintenance/repair costs​
  • Requires little or no modification to your existing Symons frame​
  • Maximises tonnage – adjust the crusher to a smaller setting without risk of stalling


Tune-up kit for Symons Cone Crushers​

Get the most from your Symons Cone Crusher with our exclusive pre-packaged tune-up kits. They are specially packaged for extended shelf life, and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Product highlights​

  • Savings & convenience for all Symons Cone Crushers​
  • Vacuum-heat packaged on oil-impregnated boards​
  • Long shelf-life without oxidation or dust contamination​
  • Reduced potential for misplaced parts​
  • Easily cut loose only the parts needed at a given moment, leaving the other parts identified, sealed, protected and easily locatable when required


Our experts know crusher technology inside and out. Here are some of our innovations that help make these crushers even better.

Lock posts for Symons Cone Crushers​

  • Completely sealed top: Prevents dust and water from entering the cylinder and damaging the seals and all critical components. Also helps increase reliability and durability of the design.​
  • Large wear band in the piston and the gland: Prevents side loading from damaging the cylinder ID and the outer rod, extending the life of the seals and all critical parts.​
  • 100% interchangeable with OEM design: ​ No additional fittings or hoses required​
  • Available for Symons crushers: We stock hydraulic lock posts for Symons 4 1/4, 5 1/2 and 7 for both standard and short head designs​


Eye bolts for Symons Cone Crushers​

A safer lifting ring for Symons 7FT head assemblies​

Our eye bolt is specifically engineered for the Symons 7FT. Manufactured using swivel hoist rings, the new eye bolts are certified to handle the special loads of a head and shaft as they are maneuvered for maintenance procedures.​ ​


  • Certified load rating​
  • 5 to 1 safety factor for designed loads​
  • Swivel hoist ring