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EXCEL spare parts for Telsmith Cone CrushersEXCEL™ spare parts improved performance and durability for Telsmith cone crushers​

The best parts are the ones that offer an increased return on investment, and the Telsmith Cone Crusher spare parts are no exception. Enjoy an increase in durability and performance while ensuring that your maintenance costs remain low. These top-of-the-line parts offer a holistic solution to your machines with a wide range of available parts.

Key Benefits​

  • Increase durability​ Innovated with improved industry standards in mind, EXCEL™ repair and spare parts for Telsmith Cone Crushers are durable enough to withstand even the harshest, most extreme mining conditions.​
  • Ease of use​ EXCEL™ spare parts for are rigorously examined before shipping and tested to ensure they meet the highest level of quality standards.​
  • Cost effective solutions​ Maintenance and down time is reduced with our EXCEL High performance spare parts, they last longer and are safe and easy to install.​ ​


EXCEL spare parts – offer improved durability and reduce costs​

Our Telsmith Cone Crusher spare parts aren’t just for fixing your machine; they also improve it. With critical developments to enhance durability and performance, these parts will push your operation forward by reducing costs and optimising work.​ ​ Take your equipment to the next level, with EXCEL™ High Performance Spare Parts.​

We provide repair and spare parts for Telesmith® Cone Crusher models including the following:​

S™ & FC™ Models:​

  • 36 S & FC​
  • 48 S & FC​
  • 52 S & FC​
  • 57 S & FC​
  • 66 S & FC​ ​

SBS™ Models:​

  • 38 SBS​
  • 44 SBS​
  • 52 SBS​
  • 57 SBS​
  • 68 SBS ​