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The Cascade Incline Screen from KPI-JCI is a simple, proven and reliable design that features an externally moving vibrating mechanism that is engineered for efficiency and reduced cost of operation. The screen is available in either oil or grease lubrication, providing options for operators who may prefer oil bath lubrication for its ability to test for contaminants and establish trending, or for those who prefer the simplistic nature of greasing screen bearings on a routine basis to ensure lubrication is performed. And because different materials, screen opening and conditions favor various stroke lengths, the Cascade Screens adjustable throw allows for maximum separation and increased effi ciency. KPI-JCI knows that as your screen ages, it is not always cost-effective to replace or modify the entire support structure or chassis, KPI-JCI can collect data on your aging machine and design and build you a replacement “drop-in” unit to minimize interruption in production.


Feature  Specification Feature Specification
Standard Stroke Length 3/8” Cloth support bar thickness (rail thickness)  3/8”
Standard operating speed  850 rpm Deck cross-member spacing 24”
Optional stroke speed relationship ¼” stroke 1000 rpm Side plate thickness 5/16”
   ½” stroke 750 rpm    
Maximum feed size 10” Reinforcing plate thickness 5/16”
Maximum media weight  8lbs/sq. ft. Feed box liner thickness (AR plate) ¼” 
  (Net of mounting hardware)    
Maximum top deck opening  4” Discharge lip liner thickness (AR plate)  ¼” 
Maximum drop of feed 18”  Shaft tube guard  5/16”