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THE KEY GOAL FOR ROAD MAINTENANCE is to provide the best road conditions for safe and comfortable driving in all weather. Cold planers are designed to remove asphalt and concrete pavement in layers by a rotating milling drum. The milled material may be transported via conveyor on a truck for further recycling processes, spread on-site or stockpiled in the rear for future application.


Powerful, highly manoeuvrable, hydraulically powered planers designed for cutting widths of 350 to 1000 mm at a cutting depth range between 100 and 300 mm. All of these cold planers are offered with three or four wheel drive unit and with anti spin control system. Equipped with a quick release rear loading system the compact planers have been developed for road maintenance jobs and other milling applications in asphalt or concrete.


Dynapac drew on its experience from the early days of modern cold planer construction to meet the latest requirements for the new Dynapac large planers. These machines are capable of removing asphalt and concrete across a profiling width of 2010/2100 mm at a maximum cutting depth of 320 mm. Hydrostatically driven by four steered track drives, practical standard equipment and a range of options combined to make your planer one of the most capable in the latest generation of cold planers.