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CX Series

JCB knows a thing or two about designing the perfect backhoe loader. We were, after all, the first company to develop the concept back in 1953. We’ve been one of the top producers ever since. Today we’re the world’s number one backhoe loader manufacturer by a large margin, almost half of all backhoe loaders are made by JCB.

The 3CX-14 is one of our smallest backhoes. The machine offers excellent performance when excavating, loading and roading. This is achieved through innovative design features, coupled with a huge array of attachments this make the 3CX-14 a truly versatile machine.

Our range-topping JCB 3CX Super and JCB 4CX Super, meanwhile, are quite simply the world’s most efficient backhoe loaders for typical duty cycles. TorqueLock provides a fuel saving of up to 25% when roading, and our EcoDig, EcoLoad and EcoRoad systems are designed to save you even more.