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Two-wheel feed
Permits the trunks to turn in the head, even those that are forked or very crocked.

High productivity
Important productivity benefits are the high tractive force and effective delimbing with four noving delimbing knives and an extra stationary knife that is used to delimb trees with low branches.

Multi-tree equipment
The S92 can as an option be equipped with a multi-tree function, which further increases production capacity.

Smart hose routing....
... that minimises downtime.

Ease of service
Ease of service is also characteristic of the S92, with among other things, excellent accessibility around the valve assembly.


Feed wheel type Steel rollers
Saw motor 19 cm3/rev (1.16 cu in/rev)
Feed speed 0-4,1 m/s (0-13,5 ft/s)
Bar 64 cm (25,2”), as option: 75 cm (29,5'')
Delimbing knives, number 4
Fell/cut diam. theor. max 630 mm (24,8”)
Feed force, gross 21,2 kN
Requisite max. hydraulic flow 230 l/min (60,8 gal/min)
Requisite max. hydraulic pressure 25 MPa (3625,9 psi)
Weight from 959 kg (2,114 lb)
Delimbing knives, opening, tip-to-tip 375 mm (14,8”)