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Komatsu's new MaxiXplorer machine and head control system has more advanced hardware, greater capability and speed; it's the easiest most intuitive and powerful Komatsu harvester control system ever. Information screens with improved graphics and a large 12" color screen communicate important information to the operator quickly and effectively. Easy to navigate menus, on line manual, an easy to edit bucking instruction module, service information tabs and on screen machine/head adjustments make new job set up and machine care easier than ever.

Operator Environment
The 941's large quiet cab provides a comfortable and roomy operating environment for even the largest operators. Rubber isolator mounts help block vibration and sound from the operator. Large cab air intake, 2 pre filters and multiple air diffusers keep that big cab environment heated and cooled. To make life in the cab even more comfortable, we've added more storage compartments and spaces, a trainer seat and a better location for the printer and keyboard.

Great Vision and Stability
Harvest easily and effectively, the 941's new CRH24 crane and cab rotate and level together. Located beside the cab, the crane does not block visibility to the head...whether harvesting in front or to the side, the head is always in front of the operator. Increase confidence with the 941's automatic leveling system that continuously levels the cab and crane without need for operator input. An automatic rear axle lock applies when the vehicle is stopped to help stabilize the machine while harvesting.

Other Highlights
A hydraulically tilting cab platform provides outstanding maintenance access to hydraulic components. Tilt the rear hood for access to engine, batteries and radiator. The CRH 24 crane's parallel design and up to 33' reach increased productivity in harvesting or thinning operations.

Powerful Drive Train
The 941's 8.4l 285hp turbo charged Tier 3 diesel engine has a broad flat torque curve and good fuel efficiency. Maneuver easily with 42,700 lbf tractive effort and 80° articulated steering. Front/rear differential locks and 26" of ground clearance work together to keep the 941.1 moving in low traction conditions.



General info 84 CTA. 6-cylinder, turbo with Commonrail. Tier 3.
Stroke volume 8.4 l (2.2 gal)
Power 210 kW DIN (285 hp) at 1,600 rpm
Torque 1,300 Nm (959 lbf-ft) at 1,500 rpm
Fuel tank Approx. 550 l (145.3 gal)