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The model 6000 is built to withstand the abuse of breaking the biggest and hardest rock known. It is specifically built to easily and quickly break iron ore, the largest granite or glacial boulders, slag and trap rock.


Operating Weight 22,200 lbs.
Overall Height 26 feet
Overall Width 39 inches
Overall Depth 52 inches
Single Blow Impact Energy 75,000 ft. lb.
Cycle Time 3.75 sec.
Blows Per Minute 16
Minimum Hydraulic Flow 60 gpm
Minimum Operating Pressure 2,200 PSI
Maximum Operating Pressure 3,000 PSI
Striker Pin Diameter 8 3/8 inches
Standard Striker Pin Length 42 inches
Excavator Class 150,000 lbs.
Loader Class 10-11 yards