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Trail King Rolled Side Super Hi-Lite Ag Trailer

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Segmented Live Bottom Floor
-88 class pintle chain
-Extended aluminum crossmember bars
-48" or 64" wide 2-ply rubber belt segments

Top Hinged Hydraulic Tailgate (Standard). Aluminum body with aluminum fenders and full plastic liner on all models.

Improved Safety Locks with hydraulic cylinders. Rear work lights (optional).

Detachable Access Ladder and rear D-rings (standard).

Inset Top Hinged Hydraulic Tailgate on all models (standard). Knife gate option for all models. 

Spring-Loaded Belt Scraper, (standard) in the continuous belt model).

Direct Hydrostatic Drive with double reduction plantery gearbox on all models... single or dual drive depending upon belt width and payload requirements.

Manual Lever Controls, on all models (standard) for tailgate function and variable rate flow control. Electric/manual with wireless remote control (optional).



48" live floor: 2-strand drag chain with belt segments
Direct hydrostatic drive
Planetary grearbox and motor
To-hinged hydraulic tailgate
Rear manual controls
Aluminum body with aluminum front & rear fenders
(8) 22.5 x 8.25 10-hole hub-piloted disc-type wheels
(8) 11R22.5 14 ply radial tires
3-leaf spring suspension
Anti-lock brake system**
2-speed landing gear
1/4" UHMW floor plastic
3/16" HMW wall plastic (up to 84" model)

  * All specifications are subject to change without notice.
** To meet 1997 federal requirements, Trail King offers two variations of the anti-lock braking system. The minimum 2S1M system is available, but Trail King recommends the 4S2M system.