Rental Terms & Conditions


  • Rental machines are F.O.B. machine’s location.
  • Transport can be arranged through General Equipment & Supplies.



  • Rates do not include sales taxes.
  • Rental begins when machine leaves General Equipment & Supplies yard and ends when it returns.
  • Rental rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Monthly rates are based on a 28-day month or 180 hours, whichever comes first.
  • Excess over 180 hours, multiply monthly rate X .0041.
  • Weekly rates are based on a 7 day week or 45 hours, whichever comes first.
  • Excess over 45 hours, multiply weekly rate X .0163.
  • 100% of rent to apply towards the purchase less interest of 6% over prime on unpaid balance and non-warrantable repairs.



  • Provide all normal maintenance items per operating and maintenance manual.
  • Maintain machine as specified in lube and maintenance manual.
  • Provide adequate insurance.
  • Repair or replace any damage to machine.
  • Compensate for abnormal wear of tires, including cuts and abrasions.
  • Compensate for wear items, such as manganese wear, jaw plates, shoes, anvils, etc.
  • Cleanup charge for excessively dirty machines.
  • Make rental payments in advance, unless prior approval by General Equipment & Supplies.


KOBELCO Standard Warranty

  • 3yr/3000hrs Base Machine Warranty


KOBELCO Premium Protection Plan (Optional Extended Warranty)

  • Most Customer Friendly Extended Warranty in the industry
  • Terms up to 84/7500hrs (calculated from original warranty start date)
  • Extended Base (same covered components as when machine was new)
  • Travel time and mileage compensation for repairs performed in field
  • ZERO deductible


KOBELCO Guarantee

  • FREE pick up and delivery for warranty repairs (within 120 miles from designated facility/branch)
  • FREE loaner equipment for warrantable major in shop repairs. (Within first year or 2000/hrs of ownership based upon manufacturers warranty)
  • FREE first scheduled oil change (Machine must be in General Equipment & Supplies area for coverage)
  • 2 hour response time guarantee on warranty repairs/24 hour tech on site guarantee
  • Available 24/7 Parts and Service. We stock all manufactured recommended parts list
  • *Excludes Compacts


Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions in Regards to “START-UP” of Aggregate Equipment
Definition of Start-Up:

  • As defined by GES is meant to review equipment rented by the customer and educate on proper operation, safety, maintenance and inspection of equipment, resulting in reduced equipment damage, downtime, misapplication and increased production.
  • Can take place either as equipment leaves GES yard or upon arrival at the customer’s job site depending on complexity of the equipment and application.


Start-Up Terms:

  • Rentals less than two (2) months: Start-up by GES qualified technician paid for 100% by rental customer
  • Rentals less than three (3) months: Start-up by GES qualified technician paid for 50% by customer and 50% GES
  • Rentals three (3) or more months: Start-up by GES qualified technician paid for 100% by GES


Start-up Billing Terms:

  • Start-up Fees (and Set-up Fees if applicable) will be billed at the time of the first month’s rental billing. Any associated credits will be issued at the end of the rental.
  • As per the terms of the Start-Up, operators and maintenance workers are responsible for immediately reporting issues and questions to GES on site service technician, service manager, customer sales and support representative or salesperson.


Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions in Regards to “SET-UP” of Aggregate Equipment
Definition of Set-Up:
Customer renting portable aggregate equipment is responsible for its “set-up” prior to start-up including, but not limited to the following:

  • Prepare level pad capable of supporting equipment.
  • Supply proper blocking and/or cribbing.
  • Set-up and properly block equipment using factory supplied blocking points and/or legs based on operating conditions.
  • All “set-up” pertaining to electrical; cord connections/termination will be based on current NEC/MSHA/OSHA/Federal/State regulations and installed by qualified electrician hired by customer.
  • GES will not be responsible for electrical inspection or electrical work on site.


Any customer who requires set-up assistance may hire GES to assist.