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We Want Your Used Manganese!

If you're in the aggregate business, chances are you have a "manganese graveyard," a place where all your old mantels, liners, shoes, and anvils have piled up. We can help you get rid of the graveyard and save some cash, too. 

1. Contact your Product Support Rep to receive a purchase quote based on current market value.
2. We’ll arrange for your used product to be picked up  – there’s no freight cost to you.
3. The sale will be credited to your account, which can be applied to your next manganese purchase or work order. *

Contact your Product Support Rep or call (800) 437-2924 for more details.

Bonus! Contact your CSSR to arrange for pickup by July 1 and receive an additional $200 credit applied to your next manganese purchase.

* No checks issued; credit applied toward future purchases as outlined above.